Meet The Band

Harris was born in the UK to Italian and English parents. He spent years traveling the world as an actor, singer, dancer and DJ. Harris is one of the writing forces in the band and brings a combination of his lust for life alongside his ability to cope with great loss. His mature yet frivolous lyrical style has been influenced by the intricate quirky patterns of Anthony Keidis as well as the poetic flow of Jim Morrison.
He is the soul of the party in each concert, always with that contagious energy that lifts even the bitterest of nights. You're never going to get bored with a Harris in the room.
Esteban is the latin lover in the band, the passion and the power. He was born in Patagonia, Argentina, a famous region in the south of the country.
Despite having been involved in rock bands, he always had reggae beating through his veins, influencing his writing, hence Banned FTC's song being spiked with so much roots and ska.
With a guitar in hand; Esteban travelled around the world as a backpacker for more than 10 years searching for his destiny, playing on the streets of every city he went to. Until one day he arrived in Australia, with his last $200 he decided to try his luck in Noosa Heads where he would finally meet Harris at one of those crazy jam nights in a loose backpackers, and that's where it all began.
Bailey is a lover of all styles of music and being able to convert energy on stage and collaborate is what he loves most about playing