An Australian, an Argentinian and an Englishman walk into a bar...


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Banned FTC were formed in 2015 when a BritRock singer, songwriter Harris met with a reggae and ska influenced, Argentinian, multi instrumentalist, Esteban at a jam night in a backpacker bar in Noosa.
The amalgamation of Harris’ rap / nu-punk, rock and Esteban's reggae and ska background created an infectious yet distinctive feel, producing an energetic sound.

If you think Harris looks familiar it's because you may have seen him before. He's been in everything from TV shows and adverts to major motion pictures, hence the dynamic showmanship he brings to every performance. Have you seen him? let us know where and in what, then post any embarrassing screen-grabs on our Instagram or Facebook.

Esteban is fundamentally confused, he doesn't know if he is a guitarist or a bassist, he loves the power and rhythm of the bass but he's drawn to the freedom and expression from soloing on a guitar. He's seen a therapist and it didn't help, she kept wanting him to take her out for dinner instead. So he thought "POR QUE NO LOS DOS?!" Seriously though Im sure you want to know what he is doing, one minute he's laying down deep driving bass lines, the next the same instrument is shredding the fabric of time with a blistering solo that sounds like its being played on that gibson SG that's in the posters on your bedroom wall. How does he do it? Come to the show, maybe you'll suss it out, maybe you won't.

As a live act they are polished and full of energy. The melting pot of genres becomes apparent when a ska song might morph into reggae, the next track starts with a four to the floor rock riff but is underpinned with funk beats. They go fast, they go hard but they can still bring you home with heart felt real life stories, roots and all.

Both Spanish and English lyrics packaged with haunting harmonies and a range defying frontman, flavoured with a Chilli Pepper Style and Sublime grooves. This self-managed, self-funded, truly independent endeavour is driven by a work hard, play hard attitude that is born of unadulterated aspiration.
They will start the party, who cares how it ends, hey, let’s all get Banned!